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Circular Fashion Research 

Dan, C. and Østergaard, T. (2021). Circular fashion: the new roles of designers in organisations transitioning to a circular economy. The Design Journal. , DOI:10.1080/14606925.2021.1936748 
Dan, C. and Østergaard, T. (2021). Circling Round Circular Change. Paper to be presented at the International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, Denmark.
Dan, C. in Blum, P. (2021). Circular Fashion. Laurence King Publishers.

Chapter Dan, C. and Østergaard, T. (in press). From vision to practice in Design Educations for Sustainable Development and Circular Economy. In R. T. Clausen & A. L. Bang (Eds.). Building Better Business – Designing New Futures: New Sustainable Path in Design and Business Education. Denmark: Frydenlund Academic.
Dan, C in A’ Design Award & Competition (2019). Winner Designs 2018-2019, Award Winning Product Design. Designer Press.

Dan, C. (2017). Clothing that creates zero-waste while discouraging consumption through user-participatory design: Omdanne. Paper presented at Circular Economy International Conference, Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus BSS University, Herning, Denmark.

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