Those interested in circular fashion design, anti-consumption and textile recycling had the opportunity to hear more about these topics during the Circular talks in Lund (Sweden) last week. While Cristina talked about circular co-design and the role the end-user has in closing the loop, Carys Egan-Wyer, a post-doctoral researcher at Lund Univeristy talked about anti-consumption, and Anna Vilen from Sysav talked about textile recycling and the Siptex (Swedish innovation platform for textile sorting ) story.

The main take-aways were that for sustainability and further on circularity to take place, there needs to be a close collaboration between the actors of the value chain, that the user has a very important role (via maintaining, returning or redistributing products), and that the capitalist system will never be a sustainable one and we need to move away from it; stop buying stuff we want, buy only what we need, reuse, repair and be a CO-sumer (contributor & consumer).

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New research published - Circular Fashion: The New Roles of Designers in Organizations Transitioning to a Circular Economy

As the economic framework is changing from a linear economy to a circular economy, our roles as designers are changing too. It is essential to understand and be aware of these shifts in order to adapt and design accordingly.

If you are curious about the new roles that fashion designers have in a circular economy, we graciously invite you to read Cristina's, our Founder, recent research article, in collaboration with Thomas Østergaard. The article has been published in The Design Journal , an influential international peer-reviewed journal for all aspects of design.

Read and download the article here:

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Updated: Mar 9

We are delighted to have our S-bags featured in the new and highly informative book Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum. Due to the digital download and co-creating process alongside the consumers that we have integrated by design in our bags, the concept of our designs creates greater attachment towards the product, extending their active lifespan and discourages future consumption, thus bringing us closer towards a sustainable fashion industry. The book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in sustainable and circular fashion as it offers a holistic perspective on the entire value chain of products and exemplifies through case studies. Thank you Peggy for including our work in your book, we are excited and proud to be part of it!

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Read more about the book here: