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How can we decrease the climate impact from product manufacturing, shipping & packaging and transform current waste streams into valuable resources?

Global Context:

Behind every fashion product lies a complex supply chain. Each phase within the supply chain contributes to CO2 production. Research shows that 80% of a fashion product’s climate impact comes from the production phase (Mistra Future Fashion, 2019). To this we add transportation and packaging which are also important product carbon footprint contributors.

Year: 2018

Status: Completed

Client: Lifestyle 4.0 Proof of Concept

Solved: The S-bags are the next generation of bags that customers can download and easily make themselves with pre-owned materials.

Perfectly in tune with the new era of revolution and innovation in Fashion, we have created an entirely downloadable collection of bags. By blending technology and human creativity, with this sustainable innovation, our ambition is to create access, stimulate your imagination and build together a more sustainable fashion industry. 

​Tomorrow's fashion is downloadable, be part of the revolution, co-design with us.

The downloadable concept blends technology and design to avoid any CO2 emissions from manufacturing, transportation and packaging and prevents further textile waste. Moreover, it provides the end user with access to quality fashion items, while promoting sustainable practices. These bags are designed for anyone and everyone that has access to a laser-cutter. The end user can create these bags at a nearby Fablab or a Makerspace, with either sustainable fabrics or pre-owned materials.
Laser-cutting costs around €10 and assembly times range from 10 to 20 minutes, making it a transparent, quick and affordable method of production. The digital-first collection includes the Curved S-bag, the Circular S-bag, the Block S-bag and Messenger S-bag. Patterns and assembly instructions for each design can be downloaded and made from a range of fabrics and no sewing machine is needed. 

Digital design enables a quick local production, by the user, with local materials, which saves up a considerable amount of CO2 emissions from manufacturing, transportation and packaging in the fashion industry. Another great value comes from the involvement of the user in the manufacturing process as it creates greater attachment towards the product, extends its active lifespan and thus discourages future production and consumption. 

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Curved S-BAG

Downloadable SOLVE bag that can be laser-cut in fabrics with a thickness of 1mm and above. A17” laptop will fit in seamlessly alongside a water bottle and a book. 

Circular S-BAG

Downloadable SOLVE bag that can be laser-cut in fabrics with a thickness of 1mm and above. Undivided deep inside space, big enough to store a laptop, water bottle, book & your raincoat.

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