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How can a 100% biodegradable fashion collection be created, while also discouraging consumption?

Global Context:

The fashion industry’s linear system of take-make-use dispose creates large negative socio-environmental impacts and economic value losses. Every year, the fashion industry produces 53 million tons of fibers, of which 87% end in landfill (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2017), becoming waste that eliminates methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas. Moreover, at its current linear configuration, the fashion system disposes of resources, creating waste streams, one of them being post-consumer textile waste (clothing discarded by the consumer).

Year: 2016

Recognition: Silver A’ Design Award 2019

Client: Studio's social innovation project

Solved: The world’s first circular & multifunctional fashion collection.

SOLVE - Omdanne main page.jpg

​The capsule consists of three pieces of clothing (T, R and E) that can each transform into over 10 different styles. Its multifunctional design discourages consumption as one piece can become: jumpsuits, dresses, blouses, cape, jacket, trousers or boleros. Through this process of co-creation, by involving the user in creating different styles, we have also heightened her emotional involvement and attachment to the product. Hence we see the user not just a consumer but a COsumer (contributor & consumer).  All three pieces are 100% biodegradable and compostable; thus, they become nutrients to the soil instead of polluting textile waste. 


With a timeless, clean, white design, our biodegradable pieces can adapt to almost any person’s taste, making them extremely versatile and easily incorporated into any existing wardrobe. 

T garment in 7 styles no txt- 1800 x1800 px.jpg

T garment

​First in the collection is the T garment, which provides a mix of active, casual, and elegant, and is able to adapt to the wearer’s daily needs, such as a busy work day scenario. You start off your day by wearing it as a blouse to work, then change it in the afternoon into a dress for a relaxed coffee session with friends; finally you wear it as an elegant top or bolero in the evening at the theatre. 

R garment

The R garment is a mix of casual chic and elegant, ideal for when traveling.

circular fashion convertible E garment in 7 styles no txt- 1800 x 1800 px.jpg

E garment

Lastly, the E garment offers plenty of skirt styles, dresses and boleros that allow the wearer to rush around the city, meet with friends and even go for a late run around the park.