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Recommended makerspaces:

Malmö, Sweden: Malmö Makerspace
Copenhagen, Denmark: Maker  
Aarhus, Denmark : Aarhus School of Architecture Makerspace
Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm Makerspace
Gothenburg, Sweden: Mikrofabriken
Oslo, Norway: OsloMet Makerspace
Milano: We Make  
Bucharest, Romania: Nod Makerspace
Bucharest, Romania: The Plot   - not a makerspace but they do an awesome job to laser-cut for you
Antwerp, Belgium: Makerspace Antwerp 
Garching, Germany: Maker-Space  
Montreuil, France: My Fablab  
Perth, Australia: Artifactory  
Sooo basically use Google to find a makerspace near you. Remember to ask if they have a laser cutter with min. cutting surface: 120 x 90 cm. 
You can also go to for a broader worldwide directory of makerspaces.

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