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Circular talk during Lund University's Sustainability Week

Those interested in circular fashion design, anti-consumption and textile recycling had the opportunity to hear more about these topics during the Circular talks in Lund (Sweden) last week. While Cristina talked about circular co-design and the role the end-user has in closing the loop, Carys Egan-Wyer, a post-doctoral researcher at Lund Univeristy talked about anti-consumption, and Anna Vilen from Sysav talked about textile recycling and the Siptex (Swedish innovation platform for textile sorting ) story.

The main take-aways were that for sustainability and further on circularity to take place, there needs to be a close collaboration between the actors of the value chain, that the user has a very important role (via maintaining, returning or redistributing products), and that the capitalist system will never be a sustainable one and we need to move away from it; stop buying stuff we want, buy only what we need, reuse, repair and be a CO-sumer (contributor & consumer).

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