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Refashion - Featured as an inspiring story of change by the European Commission

Our Refashion circular fashion system was featured on the European Commission’s website as an inspiring story of change contributing to the realization of the EU Textile Strategy. Refashion is a novel fashion design strategy that uses pre-designed multifunctional fabric blocks to create and recreate garments in a wide range of styles. It promotes zero-waste design, sustainability and circularity and it is supported by the computer science research group from the Chair for Interaction- and Communication-based Systems, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

We are excited to be part of this transition led by the European Commission towards a more responsible fashion industry. This year, through the ReSet the Trend campaign, the European Commission is promoting valuable and inclusive practices for all: designers, producers, retailers and consumers that will drive the EU Textile Strategy to materialize. You can learn more about how you too can contribute to this transition by visiting the link above and exploring inspiring stories, recommendations, and guidelines.

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