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How can VIA Design University stimulate amongst their students, professors and alumni the exchange of novelty information and practices within sustainability in order to generate sustainable solutions? 

Global Context:

Sustainable innovation can only occur through multi-disciplinary collaboration and a heightened exchange of novelty information. In educational institutions, sometimes this exchange is hindered due to a standardized relationship between teachers and students and the multitude of study programs. Barriers such as these inhibit a 2-way communication and collaboration between different specializations, that could potentially generate new initiatives, ideas and practices. Therefore, universities seek to empower knowledge sharing amongst their employees from different departments and study programs, students and alumni on critical matters such as sustainability. 

Year: 2016

Status: Finalized

Client: VIA Student Incubator, VIA Design University College, Denmark

Solved: Sustainable Business Design and Entrepreneurship HUB.

S.B.D.E. HUB, is a learning hub for sustainable innovations within the fashion & lifestyle industry. It aims to bridge students, professors and alumni that have a shared interest in sustainability and stimulate learning trough informal meetings, organized initiatives meant to raise awareness, brainstorming sessions and trough an online group.
Each member is required to be active and share their knowledge trough research, articles, reports, new business models, fabrics & materials and useful tools. The  S.B.D.E. HUB has currently 165 members. The project was realized in collaboration with Thomas Østergaard. 

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